Cultural scene in support of Ukraine

28. 2. 2022

Dear representatives of the EU and NATO,

It is utterly unacceptable to leave the Ukrainian state without effective help against the Russian invasion. Sanctions have not stopped the Russian army and without military help, the Ukrainian people will not survive. Despite the fact that they are fighting bravely for time – time for us to realize we need to stand by their side.

“We have been left alone to defend our state. Who is ready to fight alongside us? I don’t see anyone. Who is ready to give Ukraine a guarantee of NATO membership? Everyone is afraid. Today, I asked the twenty-seven leaders of Europe whether Ukraine will be in NATO. I asked directly. Everyone is afraid. They do not answer.”

These are the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on February 25. The fear from the authoritarian Putin regime is understandable – no one wants a third world war – but refusing to defend our allies on their own soil is cowardice.

As citizens of a state that was sacrificed in 1938 to prevent a world war, we have the historical experience that the world will not be redeemed by concessions to the aggressor. Let us not allow history to repeat itself.

Therefore, we call on the EU and NATO member states:

• to help secure the Ukrainian airspace

• to ensure the supply of military equipment to the Ukrainian army


This open letter in support of Ukraine was created by the representatives of the Czech cultural scene and it is published in Czech, English, German, Italian and French languages. #StandWithUkraine

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Tento otevřený dopis na podporu Ukrajiny byl vytvořen zástupci českého kulturního sektoru a je k dispozici v češtině, angličtině, němčině, italštině a francouzštině. 

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Letter in FR, IT, DE languages:




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The open letter in support of Ukraine has so far been signed by the following institutions:

The Czech Writers Association
Literary magazine Tvar
revue Prostor literary and cultural magazine
Partonyma literary magazine and collective
The Czech Center of the International PEN Club 
Petrohradská kolektiv z.s.
Independent production platform Rekultur z.s. 
Alfred ve dvoře theatre
Literary magazine Host
Philosophical theatre
Autumn book festival
Moje tělo je moje
KOS, association for comparative literature
PLAV literary magazine
Perplex publishing house
Hlasohled z.s.
Psí víno literary magazine
Líšeň theatre
A2 cultural magazine
Argo publishing house
La skola, z.s.
SEZÓNA limited independent magazine
Husa na Provázku theatre
Revue Babylon
Analogon cultural magazine
Prague Chamber Ballet
The Czech Association of Independent Theatre
X10 Theatre
Beautiful Confusion Collective
The Yonis
Perplex Publishing House
Krajinou přílivu
Kapitál cultural magazine 
Nová síť
T3 - kultúrny prostriedok
Literatura žije festival
Adolescent publishing house
Kampus Hybernska
Studio Alta
Első Pesti Egyetemi Rádió 97.0
Brno kulturní
Lógr magazine
Heldenburg s.r.o.
Literary magazine Souvislosti

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